BiG BLDG Wants You to VOTE Remote!

It is our responsibility to make our voices and choices heard! Our BiG BLDG team recognizes the importance of using our platform to advocate for social justice and inclusivity. This is the generation to begin the healing process from human errors of generations’ past. We must not allow history to repeat itself. We owe it to ourselves to utilize our privilege by voting for a better tomorrow!


We appreciate donations in all forms! If you are unable to contribute financially but would like to donate your time, please email to discuss volunteer opportunities!

BiG BLDG Wants You to VOTE Remote! Designer: Brit Van Guilder

Legal Disclaimer: This document provides helpful information and guidance regarding voting in the United States, but the information and guidance should not be construed as providing specific legal advice about your right to vote. You should consult with legal counsel and/or local and state election offices about specific activities or questions.

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