BiG BLDG's MASH UP Grounded Series

We’ve missed you since we’ve gone on break. We’re excited to announce the Grounded Mashup series starting December 10th! We have a mashup (or three) for each season. We're taking our favorite songs from each episode... and mashing it into one! Reminisce with Grounded's hosts, Hexx and Mary, with some top notch virtual hosting plus some great digital shorts including a look back at Getting Baked with Mary! Be sure to join us on Twitch at 8pm, every Thursday for the months of December and January -- starting 12/10!

Season 3, Forest Ray. Photo by Collene McCarter.

Season 3,  Racoma . Photo by Collene McCarter.

Our Mashup series is in response to the new Washington Covid-19 restrictions set in place in November. While social-distancing has always been a top priority for us at livestreams, we believe Mashup Episodes are the safest option right now, considering the recent rise in Covid-19 numbers. We hope to return to hosting more live performances next year. Stay safe, stay healthy, and Happy Holidays!

Season 2, Weep Wave. Photo by Collene McCarter.
Season 2, Antonioni. Photo by Collene McCarter.


Chances are you’ve missed some great Grounded episodes, but fear not! You can watch all our past episodes on our youtube channel. Take a look! You can also stay up to date by following us on Instagram @big_bldg or liking us on facebook! Is that not enough? Well you can also sign up for our newsletter here!

BiG BLDG thanks to our amazing Media Production Specialists for the awesome behind the shots of our livestreams this past year, and for their great work in producing every episode!

Gianni Aiello of Naked Giants during a moment of focus. 
Season 2, Naked Giants. Photo by Nic Mayorga.


Moondarling 8-27-20, Season 2 - Moondarling rocking the rooftop off the Inscape Arts building.

Moondarling rocking the rooftop off the Inscape Arts building. Sesaon 2, Moon Darling. Photo by Nic Mayorga.

Alaia locks eyes and energy with Ulises as they kill it on stage. Season 2, Tres Leches. Photo by Nic Mayorga.


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