GROUNDED Weekly Livestream

BiG BLDG has established a weekly livestream series, featuring a wide variety of impressive local bands. The Grounded weekly livestream airs each Thursday at 8pm! You can watch the stream live by following our Facebook page and clicking on the active link each week. We have an incredible group of volunteers who help run the stream every week, every step of the way. From marketing, visuals, audio, photography, and videography, our team sets the bar high! All proceeds raised from Grounded go directly to the performing artists! To date, Grounded has raised over $8,000 for featured bands.

If you wanted to catch one of our streams but weren’t able to, no worries! You can watch all of our previous Grounded episodes by checking out our YouTube page.

GROUNDED Season 3, Ep. 05 feat. Forest Ray and Racoma

Forest Ray Forest Ray is a five person psychedelic rock and garage outfit based in Seattle, WA. Founded by Peter Sumic in 2015, the group experiments in the analog andpsychedelic, combining guitar driven psych rock, with elements of raw synth-laced post-punk, twangy rock n' roll, garage and organ-laden pop. Their first two full lengh LPs, Musical Witchcraft and Laughing, were released to vinyl over 2016-18. They have recently toured the US and played SXSW 2019 in support of their 7" split record with Lasso Spells, released Spring 2019 on Nashville'sCold Lunch Recordings label. In the fall of 2019, they released a new LP, Faded Reflection along with a collection of basement recorded analog tracks titled, the “Wedgwood Tapes”. Before the COVID-19...

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GROUNDED Season 3, Ep. 04 feat. Biddadat and Actionesse

Biddadat As we experience our every-day-nasties, Biddadat reminds us that we don’t need an excuse to feel good. Their hard-to-pin-down, but oh-so-easy to groove to brand of soulful neo-funk has made the band a staple of the Seattle nightlife circuit, and they released their second full length, self-titled “Biddadat” LP, on March 6th.Support Biddadat!Instagram | Facebook | Spotify artists appreciate your generosity during these uncertain times! Please donate on Venmo @cameron-brownell  Actionesse "Their set blew me the fuck away." - Toddy Terry, Nadamucho.comActionesse has been the Pacific Northwest's premiere supplier for Post-Horncore (PATENT PENDING) and Post-Horncore-related Certifications for over five years. Sourcing the finest, greasiest local horns on the market today, their maximalist, angular melodies and erratic arrangements are 100% Guaranteed to make you...

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GROUNDED Season 3, Ep. 02 feat. Linda From Work and Peyote Ugly

Linda From Work Linda From Work, railing against the 9-to-5 lifestyle, exploded onto the Seattle indie rock scene in the summer of 2018. Led by Hillary Tusick on vocals and guitar, this group has crafted an intense and melodic sound built from garage, indie rock, and surf influences. Joined by Sam Nowak on drums and Mary Robins on bass/backing vocals, Linda From Work is known to perform songs that enthrall audiences with their powerful yet intimate vocals and energetic instrumentals. Their upcoming LP Burnout, produced by local rock legend Jack Endino, is set to be released Spring of 2021. The record evokes the feelings of being stretched too thin and ground under the heel of corporate pressure - you can feel...

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GROUNDED Season 3, Ep. 06 feat. Cool Nutz & DJ Fatboy and Goody Bags

Cool Nutz & DJ Fatboy Who ever said it was gonna be easy? This is the slogan that Terrance Scott aka Cool Nutz has lived by. After co-founding Jus Family Records in 1992 with longtime friend and business partner Bosco Kante, Cool Nutz embarked on the long and sometimes bumpy road of the hip-hop music business. With 15 releases and over 90,000 units sold to date independently, Cool Nutz has been a testament of longevity in the ever changing independent music industry.With classic releases Harsh Game For The People, Speakin Upon A Million, Verbal Porn, Collabos, King Cool Nutz, and more, Cool Nutz has proven that he deserves to stand in the upper echelon of hip-hop artists. Having inked deals with Atlantic Records...

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GROUNDED Season 3, Ep. 05 feat. Monsterwatch and Lipstich

MONSTERWATCH Punk Trio from Seattle, WA.Support MONSTERWATCH!Instagram | Facebook | Bandcampmonsterwatchnoise.comIf you can, please consider donating directly to the artist @MONSTERWATCH on Venmo! Any tips are greatly appreciated ♥  LipStitch Bellingham quartet LipStitch charges fearlessly into the land of big amps and even bigger hooks. Drawing inspiration from Pacific Northwest Riot Grrrl, 80’s punk-edged hard rock, and 70’s NYC pre-punk glam: Amanda Hodgins, Chris Williams, Danielle LeBeau, and Bryan Hunter cut their teeth playing covers around Puget Sound. Quickly realizing that there was some real magic in their chemistry, they transitioned into writing original music that offered the hooks, simplicity, and joy reminiscent of the artists who inspired them in the first place. In fact, propelled by nothing more than word of mouth...

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