GROUNDED Ep. 6 feat. RobTheSoundBank (of High Pulp)

In music, the possibilities are endless. Add software automation, and the possibilities become even more endless. Perhaps better known for his keyboard work with local Seattle bands High Pulp and Bad News Botanists, Rob Homan a.k.a. RobTheSoundBank presents a brand new solo project - one that infuses his traditional classical and jazz upbringing with a concoction of samples and loops inspired by the soundscapes of hip hop, neo-soul, and electronic ambient music. Though the project is performed solo, it features samples and loops constructed from studio work by Rob Granfelt (drums) and Alex Dyring (bass) recombined dynamically in live settings by harnessing Ableton and Ableton Push.

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Join us live at Thursday night (5/14) at 6PM PDT at the BiG BLDG Facebook Live Videos Page

UPDATE: The rebroadcast is now available on the BiG BLDG YouTube Channel

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