GROUNDED Season 2, Ep. 10 feat. Ruthie Craft & Bodies On The Beach

Born and raised in the Seattle area, Ruthie Craft is a 24-year-old Singer/Songwriter whose soulful, emotive voice compliments her energetic onstage persona. An accomplished vocalist of nearly ten years, her vocal style has been compared to that of Adele, Aretha Franklin, and Amy Winehouse.

As a performer, Ruthie and her backing band are an energetic, captivating experience; leaving audiences erupting with applause and asking for more.

As a songwriter, Ruthie seamlessly blends elements of Soul, Blues, and Pop; aiming to create impassioned, relatable music. She has released two singles: Outside in Fall 2018, and Heartbeat in Spring 2019, with a debut album on the way in 2020.

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Bodies On The Beach began as solitary exploration for Navid Eliot. With the addition of two Seattle music scene mainstays (Evan Gackstatter and Andrew Ginn), the home recordings of Eliot began to make the shift from art project to art-centric rock n roll.

As in his work in the nationally-celebrated Planes On Paper, Eliot’s fingerpicking remains the simple, skeletal foundation of Bodies On The Beach, though now amidst swirls of tape delay and reverb. “Like other self-aware tunesmiths, Eliot knows that good tremolo guitar and song chops go a long way.” - Ari Rosenschein

Their first EP, “Ghost,” released December 4th, and currently enjoys rotation on the Northwest’s finest radio stations.

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Join us live at Thursday night (8/13) at 6PM PDT at the BiG BLDG Facebook Live Videos Page

UPDATE: The rebroadcast is now available on the BiG BLDG YouTube Channel

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