GROUNDED Season 2, Ep. 12 feat. Tres Leches and Moon Darling

"Tres Leches put a powerful message in a good time...” Martin Douglas of KEXP wrote, and it is this element that Tres Leches use to create what they call survival art, using music as a resource to bring joy and creative mobility to their audience. Involving multiple languages, artistic styles (art-punk, psych, pop, cumbia, experimental) and international influences (everything from The Replacements to Café Tacvba), the band does not fit into one single label. Instead, Emerald City multi-instrumentalists, Alaia D’Alessandro and Ulises Mariscal, find it best to talk subject matter and not blanket designations when describing their music.

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Moon Darling creates a bluesy sound that harkens back to that classic ’70s rock howl. By channeling the influence of bands like Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple (with a little bit of weirdness thrown in for good measure), the band builds a kaleidoscopic version of those artists that remains relevant and reverent among all the gaudy imitations littering the modern musical landscape.

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Join us live at Thursday night (8/27) at 6PM PDT at the BiG BLDG Facebook Live Videos Page

UPDATE: The rebroadcast is now available on the BiG BLDG YouTube Channel

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