GROUNDED Season 2, Ep. 3 feat. Maya Marie

The power-house vocals of Maya Marie sway easily between soul and rock 'n' roll, drawing you into the comforting depths of her painfully honest lyrics. She taught herself to play guitar when she was only nine-years-old even at an early age she had a deep voice. As she has grown so has her control and uniqueness. Music has continued to be her passion and motivation through life.

Having been inspired by the classic rock and folk music her mother would play, she has developed a sound which spans time. Her lyrics and guitar licks have grown to be moving both emotionally and physically, making people cry or dance for sixteen years. Maya's stage presence captivates those from all walks of life. She Brings enthusiasm in every note sung with the addition of James Dyer (bass) and Evan Fitzgerald (drum kit) to complete her sound. The trio's long time friendship bolsters their stage presence. Together, they create a truly spectacular experience for all.

Creating music for all people appeals to Maya Marie's mentality of loving everyone. She has an incredibly open heart, made obvious through her songs. Dyer and Fitzgerald support her musically, but it's easy to see how their various talents melt together. Their friendship and connection makes for some incredible improvisation during any show, so don't miss one. You never know how they'll reach you, but they will.
--Written by Emma Pie

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UPDATE: The rebroadcast is now available on the BiG BLDG YouTube Channel

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