GROUNDED Season 3, Ep. 02 feat. Linda From Work and Peyote Ugly

Linda From Work

Linda From Work, railing against the 9-to-5 lifestyle, exploded onto the Seattle indie rock scene in the summer of 2018. Led by Hillary Tusick on vocals and guitar, this group has crafted an intense and melodic sound built from garage, indie rock, and surf influences. Joined by Sam Nowak on drums and Mary Robins on bass/backing vocals, Linda From Work is known to perform songs that enthrall audiences with their powerful yet intimate vocals and energetic instrumentals. 

Their upcoming LP Burnout, produced by local rock legend Jack Endino, is set to be released Spring of 2021. The record evokes the feelings of being stretched too thin and ground under the heel of corporate pressure - you can feel the exhaustion, rage, and anxiety in Tusick's delivery. With Burnout, Linda From Work's combination of intricate songwriting with driving garage rock sounds invites you to fight back with them to live life according to your own rules.

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Peyote Ugly
With a name like Peyote Ugly, there’s no shortage of imagery that comes to mind. The synth-psych trio lives up to the hype of their moniker. The band has spent their first couple of years in Seattle’s dives playing a wealth of shows as they fine-tuned the songs that would eventually become the Peyote Ugly EP (2017). The result is a collection of songs that feel like a rare cool breeze waving through the barren desert. Not really “ugly”, but you can feel notes of spacey peyote in the mix.

Peyote Ugly’s second EP, Jackdaw (2018), featured a single by the same name and has been described as an album that “slides through the eardrums and leaves you humming along, entranced” with a “gritty psychedelic landscape that is maneuvered through the EP.”

Since finishing their 2019 summer tour, Peyote Ugly has continued to play shows in the Pacific Northwest while they write and record their debut full-length album.

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