GROUNDED Season 3, Ep. 03 feat. Rat King and Karoshi

Rat Queen

Rat Queen is a run down, overworked Poser Punk trio dedicated to dwelling on the non-problems of their former youth. From social anxiety, to drug abuse with levity, Rat Queen can’t help but be stuck in post adolescence - and they likely wouldn’t have it any other way. 

With their debut album, Worthless, Rat Queen explores these themes through the lens of mid 90s pop punk and grunge bands. Being dutiful disciples of Pixies, Weezer, and The Get Up Kids, Rat Queen’s Worthless is full of winks and nods to those whose music drowned out the sound of their growing pains, while also crafting an ear worm sound and perspective that is wholly their own.

Stripped down, too loud, and not without whining, Rat Queen can’t help but make you ask yourself, “Did I ever really grow out of my awkward phase?—Or did I just get used to it?”

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Three piece from Seattle, WA

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