GROUNDED Season 3, Ep. 04 feat. Biddadat and Actionesse


As we experience our every-day-nasties, Biddadat reminds us that we don’t need an excuse to feel good. Their hard-to-pin-down, but oh-so-easy to groove to brand of soulful neo-funk has made the band a staple of the Seattle nightlife circuit, and they released their second full length, self-titled “Biddadat” LP, on March 6th.

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"Their set blew me the fuck away." - Toddy Terry,

Actionesse has been the Pacific Northwest's premiere supplier for Post-Horncore (PATENT PENDING) and Post-Horncore-related Certifications for over five years. Sourcing the finest, greasiest local horns on the market today, their maximalist, angular melodies and erratic arrangements are 100% Guaranteed to make you turn your laptop speakers down, but only by a lil' smidge. 

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