GROUNDED Season 3, Ep. 01 feat. Flesh Produce and The Spider Ferns

Flesh Produce
What started out as the bloopy bedroom beats of Karl Fagerstrom (drums / production), Flesh Produce has since mutated and matured into a rowdy three-piece with the addition of James Prow (bass, synth) and Myla Profitt (vocals, the spirit of Kathleen Hanna). Quickly rising as a darling in Seattle’s scuzzy DIY circles, the band’s sludgy/digi/noise punk is infectious and overwhelmingly experienced live. Bring earplugs. And your dancing shoes.

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The Spider Ferns
The Spider Ferns create dark, sophisticated electro-rock with heavy downtempo beats and striking, seductive vocals. Their last EP 'Safety' is an intoxicating opium dream —a powerful and entrancing call to ponder the human condition, pulling you into a universe where time and presence dissolve into transcendent beauty. 

Laden with swirling guitars, driving beats and luminous vocals, The Spider Ferns recall the dark-pop of 4AD denizens Portishead and Massive Attack, interlaced with post-punk pulses reminiscent of Siouxie And The Banshees and the modern, synth-driven stylings of The XX and Phantogram.

The Spider Ferns signature downtempo grooves and electro shimmer have mesmerized Seattle audiences for the last five years. Now, with a set comprised of mostly new material from a forthcoming LP 'Blossom' —they have returned with a turbo-charged pop sensibility and dance grooves that will have the whole room shaking. The addition of dancers and VJ Blazinspace only enhance the dream-like quality of The Spider Ferns’s auditory attack, creating a world in which one can be lost completely, lifted only by the beat.

About their recently released single 'Who Stands Alone': "Anthemic in nature, the song (Who Stands Alone) leans heavily on Kelly’s expertly controlled warble, which recalls ‘90s luminaries Kate Bush and Beth Gibbons in its complex emotional sensuality. But Alton’s not sitting on his laurels with the production. The brooding electronic beat anchors the track while guitar strums and a slinky synth line subtly fill it in until rupturing at the chorus into a glorious crescendo of extrication." —Tony Kay, Artist Home

With multiple Capitol Hill Block Party performances, SXSW showcases, U.S. tours, and a featured set at Bumbershoot on the KEXP stage under their belt, The Spider Ferns continue to expand their reach. Recently out of the studio finalizing their follow up full length 'Blossom' due out in 2021 —the duo are looking forward to the end of the Covid-19 crisis, so they can head off again to Europe and the U.K. for an extensive tour in support of their upcoming album.

[Who Stands Alone]—It’s a moment where you can hear the loosening of the shackles of grief to make way for a liberated life of untold levels of joy. Which is something I think we all need to hear right now. We might not know what’s going to happen but we do know eventually, maybe soon or maybe not, the fog will lift and we won’t stand alone." —Jasmine Albertson, KEXP 90.3FM —Worldwide

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