BiG BLDG is a Seattle-based 501(c)3 non-profit organization, dedicated to supporting local artists and musicians. We provide the local arts-community a platform to grow through live performances, music releases, and merchandising support. Currently, BiG BLDG’s Grounded Series offers the only local non-profit model where musicians can earn and keep money generated from livestream performances. In addition to amplifying, empowering, and strengthening social engagement for the communities we serve, BiG BLDG seeks to provide mentorship for aspiring artists.

The BiG BLDG non-profit was founded seven years ago with the purpose of organizing a yearly festival (The BASH) that celebrated the artists and musicians of Seattle. All work was done by volunteers and all proceeds from tickets, merchandise, and drink sales were distributed evenly to the artists that performed. This year, our 2020 festival was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but we still have hope for next year. BiG BLDG has since established Grounded, a high-quality weekly livestream event where artists keep 100% of the money donated by their supporters.This direct financial connection between artist and viewer on a high-quality platform is completely unique to the Grounded series. In addition to our weekly livestream, BiG BLDG supports local artists through advocacy, marketing, and mentorship opportunities.

In addition to completing weekly Grounded livestreams and raising thousands of dollars for featured bands, BiG BLDG RCRDS currently has 13 album releases in our catalog. We have had 6 successful annual BiG BLDG BASH festivals, and with 100% of proceeds donated to performing artists and local charities, BiG BLDG has raised over $100,000 in funds.

Above all, BiG BLDG seeks to connect our artists, organizers, and supporters by demonstrating compassion towards each other. We have an overwhelming desire to improve our communities through creativity, equity, and respect -- all while having fun and making a bit of noise along the way!