Meet Our Team

Ben Schauland's Headshot

Ben Schauland

Executive Creative Director

Head of Production

Ben Schauland is our Executive Creative Director and Head of Production. He co-founded BiG BLDG BASH along with Pete Jordan back in 2015. Ben has an extensive background in music and video production, and has toured internationally during his earlier career as a musician. His passion for community and creativity has been a driving force behind BiG BLDG’s evolution over the years. Ben is focused on continuing to create inspiring experiences and high quality productions for the PNW music scene for years to come.

Danny Schwartz

Executive Director

Danny has always seen the potential of BiG BLDG and deeply understood its message. He brought in new ideas for how it could elevate the Seattle music scene, and was key to revitalizing it by bringing in a fresh team that also shared his vision. Coming in as a non-musician and outsider to the scene, he has a lot of out-there ideas! Danny has even created his own company, Showground, to make it easier for outsiders to explore local music while also trying to improve the life and success of musicians. He is extremely passionate about the arts, and appreciates all forms of creativity. His dream is to make it easy to explore local music, no matter where you go. Danny joins BiG BLDG as Executive Director.

Danny Schwartz's Headshot

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Kathreen Absuelo

Creative Director

Kathreen Absuelo joins BiG BLDG as Creative Director, leading the Marketing, Communications, and Design teams. Kathreen holds a diverse background, having served in creative positions for the retail, technology, architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC) industries. This combination has allowed her to produce a broad range of work in a wide variety of media art forms. Kathreen is very involved in the Seattle arts scene, mostly known as a visual artist/painter and from curating countless of local artists and musicians from 2015 to 2018 in partnership with the monthly Capitol Hill Art Walks. To this day, she enjoys collaborating with other creatives and producing what appeals to her mind and most importantly, contributing her time to helping others through her involvement in several non-profit organizations.

Brittne Lunniss

Communications Director

Mentorship Program Advisor

Brittne is a sociologist, author, and editor from the Seattle area. She has served as Sociology Subject Matter Expert for several publishing companies, and she previously taught Introductory Sociology in a University setting. Brittne enjoys utilizing sociological theory, methods, and research in her work with communities. As an artist, she is thrilled to unite her passions of music and academia by working with BiG BLDG as Communications Director. Brittne is also the Mentorship Program Advisor.

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Phil Homan's Headshot

Phil Homan

Technical Director

Phil Homan is the Technical Director for BiG BLDG and resident VJ/visual artist for the livestream concert series Grounded. Phil (AKA “PH Test”) innovates in his visual design, and is continually experimenting with new handcrafted ideas. Phil aims to integrate his talents seamlessly with live productions to create immersive audience experiences. As a lifelong tech nerd and professional Software Engineer, Phil uses his expansive technical knowledge to facilitate all of the technical needs for BiG BLDG as Technical Director.

Hector Rodriguez

Development Director

Programming/Booking Manager

Hector Rodriguez (AKA Hexx) is the Development Director and Programming/Booking Manager for BiG BLDG, as well as a host of BiG BLDG’s Grounded Livestream Series. As a musician and creator himself, Hector brings a wealth of experience. He personally understands the needs of local artists, and makes it a priority to champion diverse representation in the local music industry. Hexx also makes some amazing tacos!

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Mary Robins's Headshot

Mary Robins

Community Engagement Director

Mary Robins is the Community Engagement Director for BiG BLDG and host of BiG BLDG's Grounded Livestream Series. As a musician and photographer, Mary brings the experience and perspective that comes with years of being a part of the Seattle arts scene.

Sam Nowak

Lead Project Manager

Sam is the Lead Project Manager for BiG BLDG. He handles paperwork, taxes, and government regulations (the boring stuff), so that BiG BLDG can continue to help the Seattle music scene for years to come. Sam brings his project management outlook from a background in biotech, and he truly enjoys making the far-out dreams of fellow artists a reality. He is also a pretty decent drummer and plays in a few bands around town.

Brit Van Guilder

Lead Visual Designer

Brit is the Lead Visual Designer at BIG BLDG, focusing on crafting a strong Brand Identity and Design System that is reinforced through Marketing and Promotional Content. Brit has over 6 years of Design experience in both Analog and Digital formats, with a focus on Visual Design, Illustration and Hand Lettering. She understands the power of influence Design has and feels a responsibility to her community to be intentional in the causes she supports through her work.

Jessie Rice

Communications and Social Engagement Coordinator

Jessie is the Communications and Social Engagement Coordinator at BiG BLDG. She has spent the last four years contributing to the art scenes in Seattle and New York City, where she currently lives. Jessie brings a background of marketing and communications to BiG BLDG, hoping to encourage engagement and a sense of community across platforms.  She is also an artist, and spends her free time creating illustrations and graphic designs. 

Peter Jordan's Headshot

Peter Jordan

BiG BLDG Board of Directors

Pete Jordan is co-founder of the BiG BLDG BASH music festival and a member of the BiG BLDG Board of Directors. Pete is a musician and has been involved in the Seattle music scene in various bands since the early 2000s. He is passionate about supporting and creating opportunities for the local arts community.

Paige Petrangelo

Board Member

Paige is a musician, artist, and recent grad from Seattle University’s Master of Arts Leadership program. While immersing herself in the local scene, she began to notice many inequities marginalized people such as herself experience in the greater music industry. Considering this, Paige dedicated her graduate work to forming a low-cost lodging initiative intended for womxn, BIPOC, and queer musicians touring to play Seattle stages. Keeping safety in space at top of mind, Paige is putting her nonprofit leadership skills to work in her contributions to BiG BLDG’s GROUNDED series.

Rob Homan's Headshot

Rob Homan

Web Admin

Rob is Web Administrator for BiG BLDG, keeping the content flowing and the website functioning smoothly. Beyond BiG BLDG, Rob is a professional pianist and music educator. Perhaps best known for his keyboard work with the Seattle-based national touring act High Pulp, he also performs with local funk instrumental group Bad New Botanists, and his solo electronic/experimental project RobTheSoundBank.