Our Services

BiG BLDG has established a weekly livestream series, featuring a wide variety of impressive local bands. Our streams occur every Thursday at 8pm, and you can tune in by clicking the weekly Event link on our Big BLDG Facebook page. From film crew to audio, The Grounded series is run by a group of dedicated volunteers. Our team has an unwavering commitment to giving our viewers a high-quality show, in the comfort of their homes, each and every week. All proceeds raised from Grounded go directly to the performing artists! To date, Grounded has raised over $8,000 for featured bands. 


BiG BLDG RCRDS is one of the only non-profit record labels in the country. We support our artists through vinyl/tape releases, events, and multimedia campaigns. We value artists over profit, which is why BiG BLDG never ties musicians down to unrealistic rules and contracts. In the era of streaming services and digital downloads, it can be tough for new bands to get their work out there. Physical releases allow our artists to bolster their income, while giving listeners something to engage with. Picking up a vinyl or tape may be a bit unconventional, but hey, so are we. We believe this nostalgic charm gives listeners a unique experience they are unlikely to find from a corporate record label.


Our DIY Music Festival, The BASH, has had 6 successful events! We take pride in organizing a diverse line-up, featuring a wide variety of local artists. The BASH has grown into one of the area’s largest DIY festivals. We aim to saturate every event with stunning visuals, thrilling art installations, as well as delicious food and drinks from local businesses we love. While the 2020 BASH was paused due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have high hopes that BiG BLDG will be able to throw another amazing festival in 2021.

BiG BLDG is proud to offer Mentorship opportunities to aspiring community organizers and artists. Our team has developed a Mentorship program in which BiG BLDG leaders pass down their knowledge, training, and expertise to mentees. As soon as our interns come on board, they’re paired with a BiG BLDG team member who is closely aligned with their professional interests. Our team of highly experienced Mentors provide valuable oversight, advocacy, and advice. We seek to pass down everything we know so that we can keep the spirit of BiG BLDG alive for years to come. If you are interested in learning more about our Mentorship program, please email Mentorship Program Advisor Brittne Lunniss at hello@bigbldg.org.