“BiG BLDG has been a huge support to my music endeavors over the years. They helped support my first vinyl release through BiG BLDG, gave me a platform to perform through BiG BLDG BASH, and have created high quality video content including their most recent series “Grounded”. The bottom line is that they really care about local music and lifting up underground artists.” -- Brian Fisher, Eastern Souvenirs

“I made more money for my Grounded set than any show I’ve ever played before. Musicians are barely scraping by these days. BiG BLDG came through for me in a very tough time.” -- Hillary Tusick, Linda From Work

"I really appreciated how raw and natural it felt and looked. It did an incredible job creating the energy and feel of a live show. Hats off to the whole production crew!" -- Cameron Lavi-Jones, King Young Blood

"Cool location, helpful & friendly staff, high quality sound & video!" -- Blake Anthony

"It was all around a great place to play music. Really had a lot of fun. Everyone was so kind and asked great questions." -- Black Ends

Phil Homan, Technical Director: “To me, being part of BiG BLDG means growing & supporting our vibrant Seattle arts community and ensuring it thrives to its fullest potential.”

Brittne Lunniss, Communications Director: "Being a part of BiG BLDG and The Grounded Stream has given me so much to look forward to every week. I've been able to network with fellow artists, collaborate with reputable partners, and truly find a sense of community through our fulfilling work."

Nic Mayorga, House Photographer: "Being a part of Grounded has given me the unique opportunity to work within a collective of passionate artists, doing what we love, meeting new people, and helping our community at the same time. I couldn't ask for much more!"

 Rob Homan, Web Admin: "The thing that impresses me the most about the BiG BLDG team is their persistence and scrappiness. Every single year I'm blown away by what they pull together for the BiG BLDG BASH, what a stellar event for musicians and fans alike. And in spite of COVID cancelling the 2020 BASH, what an incredible experience to see the team adapt and serve artists in Seattle with the GROUNDED Livestream."

 Executive Director, Danny Schwartz: "Being involved in BiG BLDG and Grounded is such an awesome and exciting way to support and elevate the Seattle music scene."

 Eric Luck, Videographer: "Grounded has given me so much to look forward to every week. Not only have I been able to work with amazing local talent, I've been able to network and make lasting professional relationships."